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About Us

This is an invitation to witness life sprouting, blackberries ripening in the August sun, a leaf of grass pushing its way up, the skin on tomatoes stretching as they plumpen, the seed germinating into tiny microgreens, grapes changing their flavor as the water recedes from the soil, the dough rising, cake baking with vanilla and becoming one with it.

It’s about hearing intertwined notes in a great symphony when one is used to only elevator music.

It’s a saturated color, a tangier tangy, and a longer second. To unravel five different flavors from a bite, as well as, sucking the juice out of honeysuckle, drop by drop.

The Lovefools Pantry is a slow food manifesto that starts in our kitchen, with slow food. The romantic charm of hot glowing live fire which results in an intoxicating aroma when charring anything. It adds rustic and primal flavor to food. It’s a reminder not to rush the flavors as they build over time. Our grandma knew this. Cavemen knew this.

Our philosophy is the antithesis of fast-food packed in 10 minutes and shipped in 30. We want to take the time to make your food. It’s about never cutting corners when it comes to love or food. We believe in making our bread where it needs a 12-hour fermentation, we believe in slow roasting our vegetables in the oven, we believe in fermenting our pickles for a week, we believe in slow and long marinations for flavors to develop.

We want to pause when our vegetables are enjoying their bubble bath, we want to take those 20 seconds to wash our hands at regular intervals, we want to make time to wear our gloves before every delivery is being packed and make sure everyone’s temperatures are checked. Hygiene cannot be rushed.

It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace. It’s about seeking to do everything at the right speed.

Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible.
It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting.

One Gram Of Consciousness
One gram of consciousness represents a state of mind where we bring in consciousness in the food that we eat and the entire ecosystem. We look at suppliers who are committed to sustainable farming, supply organic produce, and have healthier alternatives. Our attempt is to bring focus to organic/clean ingredients wherever we can, one step at a time. In a couple of weeks, we will start introducing you to our partners who we are working within this endeavor because our aim is to have a constant transparent dialogue with you.


The Lovefools is run by chef Sarita Pereira, who doesn’t consider it dinner unless it covers four continents, lasts 4 hours and you talk about it for days. She has now curated an entire menu that will bring The Lovefools experience to your home.

Rashmi Uday Singh explored The Lovefools on the recommendation of Harsh Goenka and we could not have been more pleased.
We were lucky to be a part of the series titled #HarshGourmentGoenka where he recommends his favorite discoveries with Rashmi Uday Sigh and we are so grateful for that. You can read the full review here.